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Based on Indonesia Africa Infrastructure Dialogue on August 2019, with the support of investors from USA – EUROPE – AUSTRALIA. Founded on a mutual deal with several international Pension Fund and Fund Managers, TSG Group released a program called Africa Belt Economy Development (ABED) to support the African economic growth.


On January 2020 an agreement was signed between ABED Team from USA –INDONESIA – SINGAPORE – AUSTRALIA, to implement the ABED Program in Africa starting from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

TSG Global Holdings USA is the leader of the ABED development project in DRC.

PT TSG Utama Indonesia has partnered up with several private companies and few of Indonesian State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) to proceed activities on the development of infrastructure in DRC with various range of role from contractors of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), management advisors and transfer technologies.

Democratic Republic of Congo is one of African Country that enriched with its natural resources. PT TSG Utama Indonesia with the other ABED Teams is focusing on the optimalisation to develop the country’s natural resources, from the exploration process to building its asset monetization portfolio through the global money market with the concern purposes of solving the DRC’s economic growth and to increasing the ABED African Countries’ Credit Rating.